The team at Codenovo is highly experienced with web applications development for different industries. Codenovo has exposed great track record developing Customized Web Applications, Office Management Systems, ERP, Accounting Systems, Content Management System, E-Commerce solutions and so on. We dare to take challenges and deliver quality products with innovative solutions which we always discover through our work. Codenovo exclusively provides the following services of web application development.

Customized Web Applications

The world of business is hugely dependent on a multifunctional software system which controls all the flows, reports periodically and updates the managers about the progress of the business. Your business will earn you enormous currency if there is a fully functional multipurpose software system is in your house. Codenovo promise you to deliver the exact system of your need. We inquire the exact requirement and build outstanding systems which help clients to grow more and more. Our system is robust enough to match and even in some case outrun some of the top systems in the world. Our managers and developers are so keen to quality control and to deliver what we promise to our client.

The key features of our business application development are:

  • Easy and convenient user friendly graphical user interface
  • State of the art coding and competitive technology in development
  • Rich and lightweight graphic design
  • Easily maintainable and updatable system
  • Less process, more outcomes
  • Secured database and lighting fast reporting
  • Hosting facility (according to requirements)

ERP & Accounting Systems

The connectivity of your inside businesses to the outside stakeholders is integrated by an outstanding Enterprise Resource Planning system. It transfers your business needs to an automated software application which controls internal and external information across your entire organization, your accounting system, customer relationship management, sales and services, production etc. People now a day pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to get and ERP and Accounting system of their own to manage their own business efficiently.

Codenovo offers you most cost effect ERP solution according to your need. Our application experts are experienced with years of technical knowledge on ERP and Accounting system building. We worked with high end clients for whom we build large scale customized ERP systems. Our cost effective systems offer you:

  • Integrated business systems
  • Customer relationship management system (CRM)
  • Financial and accounting systems with general ledger, cash management, payables, receivables, fixed assets, budgeting etc
  • Human resource systems with training, management, payroll, recruiting etc
  • Supply chain management system
  • Project management system
  • Various access controls

Content Management Systems

A content management system improves collaboration of your business contents with the users. Now a day whether it is small or large business, it is a hassle to handle a good amount of contents manually. Content can be anything: documents, pictures, movies, researching data, articles, news and many more. To come up with industry specific content management system, Codenovo is legendary.

We always keep in mind about the exact specification of customers need. Out target is to provide an effective and convenient content management system to client out of which he can only get the best. Based on your requirements, we provide the following features in our CMS.

Our service includes:

  • Industry specific design and workflow
  • Lightweight, fast and robust web application
  • Easy to use and easy maintenance
  • Data access controlling and security
  • Rich graphic design
  • Hosting facility
  • Basic SEO functionality
  • Full control of administrative panel

Learning Management Systems

e-Learning has taken a strong place in educational sector recently. There have been lots of institutes online who is providing a noble service to the world as well as earning a huge amount of revenue. Any systems starting from kids learning to online virtual university is becoming legendary in e-learning world.

Codenovo is praised for developing some outstanding e-learning systems in home and abroad. They are absolute experts in e-learning. Codenovos talented resource pool is designed to research and develop state-of-the-art learning management systems. Whether it helps you in training your employees or helping your kids to learn beautiful things, Codenovo has got documented advantage.

E-Commerce Solutions

The most demanding website in the recent world is may be a system with online monetary transaction. Even small or medium business owners require a nice online store to deal with customers. An E-commerce system provides you with outstanding graphical appeal in combine with fine tuned and secured transaction systems online.

Codenovo has an expert developers group to support you with all innovative design and solutions. Either you can go with your own customized online ecommerce systems or manage any customized open source website. We support Zencart, Joomla with virtue mart, Magento, OScommerce etc.

Our service includes:

  • A beautiful, rich and lightweight template for your website
  • Order tracking system
  • Secure online payment, integration with third party services like paypal
  • Advanced shopping cart facility
  • Convenient product management with import/export facility
  • Custom shipping, tax and catalogs
  • SSL encryption support
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • 24/7 availability of your online store
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